About Us

Who We Are

We are “Just a Chat”, a local charity set up to raise awareness and combat the stigma of Mental Health for youths between the ages of 11-18. 

Our aim Is to ensure that every youth is aware of what to do when either themselves, family or friends are faced with Mental health issues. It is common that people only try and look for answers and solution when they are experiencing mental health issues, and in some cases this may be too late. 

We focus on preparation and prevention, so that if a youth faces issues, they have the adequate tools on what to do and information on where to go for help. In our community there is a lot of organisations that offer help, but unfortunately our target age group are unable or not aware of how to access them. 

We aim through face to face interaction to bridge that gap and ensure that all youths have the correct information and knowledge on what to do and where to go when in need.

Our Group

Join Our Networking Group

We have set up a Facebook networking group for all things Mental Health. In this, we encourage charities, community groups, health professionals etc to come together to help each other spread awareness and support across Northern Ireland.

This group will offer

  • Advice on services
  • Fundraising assistance
  • Event planning ideas
  • Training opportunities
  • And more…

Together we help combat the stigma surrounding Mental Health by creating a strong online presence of support.

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